The ownership of this website corresponds to Segway Trip SL, with registered office in Plaza de Herradores 5, 28013, Madrid (MADRID), Spain and CIF B86718806. Inscribed in the Mercantile Registry of Madrid, Volume 31059, Folio 168, Section 8, inscription 1st Sheet M-559035.

The identification and contact details of the company are as follows: Segway Trip SL
CIF B86718806
Address: Plaza San Miguel, 2, 28005 Madrid
Tel: 910 750 163

In order to be able to undertake activities with our business, you will conform with these legal conditions and clauses, with the corresponding legal effects. It is advised that you read them as it is obligatory that you accept them before you complete the reservation.

The reservation will be the confirmation that you have read and accepted the legal conditions. Likewise, SEGWAY TRIP, S.L. promises to inform you of these conditions through the website, before you make a reservation. One who does not comply with these conditions, rules, and clauses can expect the cancellation of the activity.

SEGWAY TRIP S.L. has the obligatory insurances for undertaking sporting activities, according to established law; with the policy number 8666437 – and of (AXA), insurance against accidents and with policy number 8668455 – (AXA) civil responsibility insurance. These insurances are always at the disposition of the client when they obey the conditions and clauses that are expressed here. These insurances are only for the business´ activities and the business will not be responsible for incidents and accidents that occur outside of the company and its activities; nor will it provide insurance or assistance. It is advisable that the participant obtains the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) in their own country in order to be assisted by the Spanish social services in case of accidents or incidents that occur during the contracted activities of SEGWAY TRIP S.L.

If the cause of the accident is down to weather conditions, the client´s lack of attention, poor physical condition of the client, illness of the client, etc., then the business will not be responsible.

Authority of the guide and instances of a lack of respect

The authority and professionalism of our guides should never be disputed by any of our clients, nor should there be doubts about the guides´s capability to make decisions which affect the client and the group. Under no circumstances do we accept the lack of respect towards a guide, other clients, or other gorups of people.

Health and hygiene

  • Those who do not have insurance against collective accidents can be excluded.
  • It should be communicated to the organising company, SEGWAY TRIP S.L., before the arrival of the group, if one of the participants requires specific medication or presents a health risk that could affect the normal routine of the prgramme.
  • The client admits to not having any illnesses, or physical or psychological problems prior to the activity. In case of an illness or injury, pregnancy, or the taking of medication, one would be obliged to communicate this to the business, to evaluate your capacity to undertake the activity, to predict occurrences or to cancel the activity.
  • In no case will the business be responsible for injury or illness suffered prior to the activity.
  • The client admits that they have not taken narcotics, drugs or alcohol and are in a good physical condition.
  • In the case of a client who, lacking knowledge of the activity, is in an unfit condition to undertake the activity, they will be excluded from the activity; IN NO CASE WILL THERE BE A REFUND FOR THE ACTIVITY.

Rules for behaviour in the natural environment

The client accept the rules of behaviour stated in the current regulations, particularly in natural spaces where we undertake the activities. Likewise, the client also accepts the methods chosen by the guide in the various activities with regards to conserving the environment.

Some of the rules and methods chosen to conserve the environment are:

  • Do not throw rubbish or organic remains, neither in urban areas nor in rural areas.
  • Travel on paths and walkways.
  • Do not pick up plants, animals, or rocks.
  • By the river, walk where possible.
  • Do not annoy or shout at birds in their nesting places.
  • Do not scratch or paint on walls, rocks, advertising boards, etc.
  • Do not break, scratch, or damage furniture or signposts.
  • Do not break off from the group.
  • Do not smoke or use the telephone.

More behavioural rules will be made clear by the guide in certain situations.

Adecuate treatment of equipment, loss of equipment and loss of other objects

The business´ possessions are reviewed before every activity and are in a perfect state of use. Because of this, from the momento that the equipment is handed over, the client is responsible should the ítem not be returned in perfect condition.

In the case of ítems being lost or damaged due to misuse of the equipment, THAT ITEM WILL HAVE TO BE PAID FOR. The activity takes place with a protective helmet; the business will provide one, but if you wish then you may wear your own, if it is approved.

SEGWAY TRIP S.L. will not be responsible for the loss or damage of items that the client wears during the activity.

Transport and Punctuality

The client uses their own personal vehicle to arrive at the activity. SEGWAY TRIP S.L. provide neither licenses nor permission for the transport of people; because of this the transport of clients would not be the responsibility of the business.

The business will be neither responsible nor chargeable for accidents or incidents that clients have when their vehicles are travelling to or from the activity, or when the vehicle is stationary during the activity. Once a time is chosen you should arrive promptly and before any possible delay, the client should inform us as soon as possible. If the delay is not pre-advised or justified, the business reserves the right to cancel the activity and IN NO CASE WILL THERE BE A REFUND FOR THE ACTIVITY IN QUESTION.

Partial cancellation of activities

The organising company, SEGWAY TRIP S.L., reserves the right to completely or partially change the programmes due to adverse weather conditions.


To be able to answer and correct clients´ complaints, complaints should be made upon the completion of an activity.

SEGWAY TRIP S.L., through the web page “Contact”, provides a space where the client can make complaints and where the complaints books is available for clients.

How to make a reservation and requirements to fulfill

To make a booking and ensure the availability of the activity, SEGWAY TRIP S.L. provides a service of ONLINE BOOKING THROUGH THE WEBSITE.


To make a reservation and guarantee the contracted activity SEGWAY TRIP S.L. Has a management service of ON-LINE RESERVATIONS THROUGH YOUR WEB PAGE. In this link HOW TO BUY can inform about the operation to follow in our store of online reservations.

The amount to be paid will be made on our website with Paypal or VISA, transfer or you can call us to pay with credit card.

At the time of making the reservation it is obligatory to fill in the information fields (personal, identification and contact details, etc.) for the entry into force of the insurance when carrying out the activity. The mere fact of booking implies the total acceptance of the general and particular conditions of use.


All those making reservations should be adults. In the case of being a minor, the booking would always have to be authorised by their parents, teachers or legal representatives, who can be responsible for the actions of the minor. This authorisation will be reflected in the document that SEGWAY TRIPS S.L. will present for your signature at the start of the activity.



In the case of a client who is in poor physical condition, lacks knowledge about the activity, is not in optimal condition for the activity, does not arrive with the correct items (e.g. adecuate shoes) or does not abide by the conditions of having an account with the business, and who has read and accepted the condtitions and decides to not partake in the activity, or who we do not permit to take part in the activity on the grounds of safety; IN NO CASE WILL THERE BE A REFUND FOR THAT ACTIVITY.


In the case of having to cancel the activity and not being able to provide a substitute of a similar nature, due to adverse weather conditions or on the grounds of safety, the client will be refunded 75% of the cost of the activity, the remaining 25% being kept to cover costs of administration, organisation, and to pay the tour guide.

Cancellations that occur more than 72 hours prior to the activity will be refunded in full.


-One should be in adecuate physical condition and have an understanding of the activity you are to undertake.

-Footwear for the activity should be comfortable shoes, trainers or boots with a non-slip sole.
-To partake in the activity, wear comfortable clothes, a (waterproof) coat, gloves, a hat, etc. as necessary
-One should protect themselves from the sun by wearing sun cream

-There is not a minimum age for partaking in these activities, but it will be necessary that one weighs no more than 110kg and no less than 40kg. In all cases, the guide will be the one to decide, according to the physical and mental condition of a child, according to the activity that they are going to undertake, and according to parental permission, whether the child can safely complete the activity. The guide will also consider the responsibility that they would have when doing this activity and accompanying the child.

-The tour will not commence until all participants have developed the necessary basic skills to safely complete the route on a segway.

Vehicle Insurance

The insurance of a segway does not include coverage for the following:

Damage to the segway because of a collision, theft, acts of vandalism, theft of personal items, death, or injuries to the user.

Verification of the state of the vehicle

SEGWAY TRIP S.L.´s procedures ensure that the vehicle will be inspected at the time of both rental and return, to identify any damage and determine the responsibility.

When the user collects their segway, an employee of SEGWAY TRIP S.L. should inspect the vehicle and note in the contract any damage that they have identified.

When the user returns the vehicle, there should be a second inspection and comparison between the damage before and after the collection of the vehicle. If in the list of damages there appears to be damage that was not there prior to the vehicle´s collection, then that damage will be the responsibility of the user.

In the case of the vehicle being damaged in an accident, the user will be obliged to complete a report of the accident, whether they are responsible or not, with identification of a third party. They should then send this, no more than 14 days later, to the Insurance Department in our central office in Madrid.