Riding a bike in Madrid? What you need to know

What you need to know to ride a bike in Madrid

Sustainable mobility and bike tour in Madrid

The Spanish capital encourages ecological mobility, if you are a tourist or do not have your own bike to move around the city. There are places where you can apply to rent a bike in Madrid and easily adapt to the future Sustainable Mobility Ordinance (in Spanish).

How do the authorities in Madrid encourage two-wheel mobility?

The City Council makes an effort to promote the Sustainable Mobility Ordinance, and thus maintain order on its tracks. In this way, it favors lovers of cycling tours in Madrid and motivates ecological tourism. The provision of this regulation is in a draft, which is being discussed by the groups involved. Yes, there are organizations that group together drivers of motorcycles, bicycles, skateboards, skateboards, touring cars and pedestrians.

As a cyclist you have the power to decide to use a regular bike or to request an electric bike rental in Madrid. Due to do this, you must drive with a speed of up to 30 km/h in a single lane. 20 km/h for «single-platform» neighborhoods such as Lavapiés, which will reduce accidents among cyclists and pedestrians.

When visiting or moving around the city, either alone or in company, you may wonder what is the best way to do this. It seems like the transfer is limited only to the bus, subway or taxi. But if you really want to enjoy an unforgettable ride, take some time to contemplate the capital. And feel healthy! the best way is through bike rental in Madrid.

Are there any regulations for riding a bike in the city?

Don’t you know the rules? Don’t worry, read these recommendations that we bring for you, in order to avoid bad times and a pleasant trip.

If you are on a bike tour of Madrid follow the instructions of your guide:

  • recognise pedestrian priority areas where cyclists and motorised vehicles cannot park
  • leave a free space of three metres for pedestrian traffic
  • avoid transporting more than two occupants
  • try not to carry any merchandise or pets
  • It is also permitted to turn right when the traffic light is red and there is a signpost.

Riding a bike is easy, safe, fun, spirit-filled, shares with friends or yourself and most importantly contributes to the environment. All you have to do is stick to these simple rules and have a good time on your bike in Madrid.

bike in Madrid

Excerpt from the regulations governing the use of bike norms in Madrid

Are there other regulations concerning ecological mobility in Madrid?

The Madrid City Council, through the Sustainable Mobility Ordinance, intends to issue the use of skateboarding only as a sporting activity. Therefore they may not be used in pedestrian or cycling areas.

On the other hand, non-motorised skates and scooters may be used in pedestrian and cycle paths at a moderate or equal pace to that of pedestrians. The minimum age for skateboarding or electronic scooters is 16 years and must be driven without headphones.

A negative aspect that has caused a stir among some involved, especially skateboarders. They feel that they are renegade to a third plane, where they are forbidden to practice this activity in the streets.

Therefore we suggest tourists and visitors to get around by bicycle or go to the electric bike rentals in Madrid. To know these regulations so that they can move around more solidly, without making so much physical effort and being able to travel longer distances.

Other information you should know:

In relation to the regulation of stops and parking on public roads. Taxi drivers or VTCs (passenger cars with drivers) may not park in the bus taxi lane. The maximum time is 2 minutes. They will also not be able to wait for passengers inside the car, nor will they be able to delay the entry and exit of customers.

Taxi drivers and passenger cars will be required to meet the necessary environmental requirements by 2025. They will also be prohibited from parking any car on cobblestoned pavements and at pedestrian crossings.

Regarding the Regulated Parking Service (SER), it is believed that hospitals will be asking for considerations in parking regulation. Another group that could benefit are the residents of the areas surrounding SER. They will not pay any fees and will have unlimited time to park, as long as they apply to the Neighborhood Parking Zones.

Parking is prohibited on pavements where there is a SER parking band and in areas marked as pedestrian priority. It will be mandatory to leave 3 meters of free space for pedestrian traffic. Bicycle handrails between roadway and sidewalk may be used, if available.

Priority for the disabled.

If you want to travel to Madrid or travel around the city, and you have a disability, you can park in the reserved parking spaces on the public way.As well as in places for walking or any other leisure or commercial center. By having a parking card for disabled , you will be able to use the pedestrian and bicycle sidewalks.

There is no problem if you don’t have a vehicle to move on. The City Council is committed to granting access to public transport stops and services. Taxi drivers will also be able to provide assistance by leaving and picking up passengers in the car parks designated for them.

Do you still have any questions?

The best way to answer any more questions is to take a suitcase, follow these tips and dive into the adventure. This way you will be able to see directly all the efforts that Madrid makes for the environment. As ell as sustainable mobility, ecological tourism and the incorporation of all the people involved in leisure activities.

Don’t think it over! Madrid is waiting for you.


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