Essential Madrid Tour

If you are visiting the capital and want to walk its roads, streets, parks, gardens and monuments. The best way to do it is through the Essential Madrid tour. Feel the emanation of indescribable freedom that no other means of transport offers.

Why is it essential?

To travel is to know the greatest amount of transcendental spaces that offer the best of their tourist attractions. This is why it is essential, because it is basically essential that the tourist explores the key stops we have to offer and it will only take one turn for love to emerge at first sight…
Love at second or third sight is not bad either, what is sure is what is necessary to remember and keep present the importance of our city and not forget where we come from to be clear about where we are going.
It is recommended that you do not settle for just renting bikes in Madrid, ask for a guide so that the route is even more pleasant and you can get to know the different stories and curiosities of the place, even if you fall in love! The Madrid of the Austrias dazzles you, although we do not ask for exclusivity, we also let you fall in love with the people of Madrid.

  1. 1As you pass by the Calle de Cuchilleros you will surely ask yourself: And why this name? It is due to the swordsmen and cutler shops in the area. It has old buildings and one of the most emblematic is the Arco de Cuchilleros, which leads to the Plaza Mayor.
  2. The Calle de Cuchilleros is located in the Embajadores neighborhood, made up of the Cava de San Miguel, up to the Plaza de Puerta Cerrada. When you arrive here, you can see the Holy Cross, the only monument of its kind in Madrid and representing Christianity, its name is due to the fact that when it was built it was very narrow, allowing the friends of others to do theirs, this forced it to remain closed during the twelfth century.
  3. Nowadays, the Plaza de Puerta Cerrada is very different from the infrastructure of the XII century, the Santa Cruz is accompanied by the murals of the buildings, the vehicular and pedestrian traffic, the bars, the Archbishop’s Palace and a unique gastronomy if you love codfish. For your peace of mind as a visitor, you can choose to hire electric bicycles. In Madrid, you can cycle around the city with your bicycle in complete peace and quiet, and the time of unrest and danger is only anecdotal.
  4. Another of the places that is recommended to visit when cycling in Madrid is the Plaza de la Villa, where the old streets of El Codo, Cordón and Madrid are born. As we are referring to the historical centre, it logically has emblematic buildings such as: the House and Tower of Los Lujanes, where the Academy of Moral and Political Sciences currently resides; the House of Cisneros, an old palace from the 16th century; and the House of the Villa with a Baroque style that until recently housed the Town Hall of Madrid.
  5. During the bike tour of Madrid, you will find two quite fascinating stops, one of which is the Royal Palace, which in addition to being one of the largest palaces in the world and its architectural majesty, is undoubtedly a marvel for true nature lovers, since it is surrounded by two spectacular gardens, Jardines del Campo del Moro and Jardines de Sabatini, and two historic squares, Plaza de la Armería and Plaza de Oriente.
  6. The other is La Puerta del Sol, the best way to feel like you’re in the capital, just where the zero kilometre mark is, that is, the geographical centre of all the roads in Spain. The best photo you can upload to your social networks! During the Essential Madrid tour. If you are a veteran cyclist, you can invite others who aren’t so much to join you on the tour to enjoy this healthy and safe passion, because with their helmets securely fastened they can visit Madrid by normal bicycle or by electric bicycle on the bike path designed for this activity, since this city offers road safety in terms of signs and laws, both for pedestrians and cyclists who are fully complied with.

How does Essential Madrid end?
Nothing more and nothing less than in the San Miguel Market, in this stop comes the time to consume. This is where you will see the folklore of the region, typical food, typical music and typical clothing. And if you wish, why not, buy yourself something to drink, rest for a few minutes and then continue with the assigned bike rental group.

For the cyclists who travel through the square also called San Miguel, in the center of Madrid. Please, take the precaution, it is a busy place. So, stay together and keep in mind that it is a market, so it will not be as relaxing as the rest of the bike routes in Madrid, but quite fun. Vegetarian visitors will have the option to eat a delicious vegetable paella that day.
For this and more we invite you to visit Madrid by bike. An unparalleled experience, in which we remind you that you can use both electric and regular bicycles. Don’t let them tell you. Tell it and live it yourself! Enjoy the Essential Madrid tour.