Essential Madrid bike Tour, the main highlights and fun!

Plaza MayorMadrid Essential Tour, the best way to get to know the old Madrid

Essential Madrid bike tour wants you to get the most of its roads, streets, parks, gardens and monuments. Feel the freedom that no other means of transport offers like the bicycle.

Why is it essential?

Traveling is getting to know the most exciting spaces, those that offer the best of its tourist attractions. That is why it is essential, because basically it is essential that the visitor can explore the cornerstones of our culture. That will make love appear at first sight …;)
Love at second or third sight, is not bad either, what is for sure is that the need to remember and keep in mind the importance of our city and not to forget where we come from and… we are going.
“Grass is always greener on the other side”. Do not take a bike rental in Madrid for granted and, if you really want to get a good bite of our habits, ask for a guide, a storyteller, a passionate about our place (unless until you fall in love!) Madrid de los Austrias will dazzle you (although we do not ask for exclusivity, we also let you fall in love with the locals).

1.- When walking down the Calle de Cuchilleros you will surely ask yourself: Whereas, what a name! It is due to all the old shops we could find of spade and knife makers. Amog it’s old buildings there is an arch “Arco de Cuchilleros”, which gives access to the “Plaza Mayor”.
The Calle de Cuchilleros is located in the Embajadores neighborhood, formed by the Cava de San Miguel, along to the Plaza de Puerta Cerrada. When you get here, you can see the Holy Cross (Santa Cruz) the only monument of this type in Madrid that represents Christianity. It’s name is because when it was built it was very narrow, making it easy for burglars, this forced to keep the door closed during the XII th century.

2.- Currently, the Plaza de Puerta Cerrada is very different from the infrastructure of the XII th century, the Santa Cruz is accompanied by the murals of the buildings, vehicular and pedestrian traffic, bars, the Archbishop’s Palace and a unique gastronomy if you are a lover of cod.

For your peace of mind as a visitor, you can choose to rent electric bicycles, in Madrid you can cycle through the city with peace of mind, the times of restlessness and danger were only in anecdotic.

3.- Another place that is recommended to visit when making a bike tour of Madrid is the Plaza de la Villa, where El Codo street (the elbow) and Cordón street (cord/lace) started, in old days when Madrid was a fortified town. As we are referring to the historic center, there are emblematic buildings such as: Casa and Torre de los Lujanes, currently the Academy of Moral and Political Sciences; Casa de Cisneros, an old palace from the XVI th century; and the Casa de la Villa with a baroque style (the City Hall’s residence until this century).

4.- During the bike tour of Madrid, you will find two fascinating stops, one of which is the Royal Palace, surrounded by two spectacular gardens, Jardines del Campo del Moro and Jardines de Sabatini, and two historic squares, Plaza de la Armería and Plaza de Oriente.

The Royal Palace is not the current residence of Our Majesty, although Alfonso XIII (the actual King’s grandfather) did live there until he left with the Republic.

5.- The other one is La Puerta del Sol, right where kilometer zero is located, that is the geographical center of all roads in Spain. The best photo to upload to your social networks! During the Madrid Esencial tour.

You can visit Madrid on a regular bike or an electric bike (e-bike), the bicycle lane is spreading quickly all over our town, not just near pedestrians, but around main business areas. Traffic laws are making this city a friendly bike city.

How does Essential Madrid bike tour culminate?

6.- In an antique food market in the center, the Mercado San Miguel, at this stop comes the moment of relax and tapas. This is where the folklore of the region is found, typical food, typical music, typical clothing. And if you wish, why not, buy yourself something to drink, rest a few minutes and then keep on with the group.

So take a time off, and enjoy a delicious vegetable paella, some tapas, hot “bravas” potatoes… or whatever!
For this and more, we invite you to visit Madrid by bicycle. An different experience, in which I can record as much as normal bicycles. Do not let anybody tell you, live it yourself!

Enjoy the Essential Madrid bike tour.


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