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Sports in Madrid

Let´s enjoy sports in Madrid but first, what Are Sports? Their Origins

Sports are physical activities including rules and competition used for entertainment. In the history, the sports commonly used to be animal hunting and fights, etc.

In ancient Rome, Gladiators fought in coliseums providing the audience with entertainment.

That, however, was not a very beautiful sport. Life and death situations seem less fun and more disturbing to the mind right? Then there came a new era of games in which there was a competition with a reward instead of just a spared life.

That intrigued more and more people to take part in sports. As the number of people increased, team formation started. These teams would then compete with each other and aim for winning a trophy or some other reward.

Nowadays, every country has its own national sports. Some of them excel in the expertise of one sports more than the others. These sports are one reason countries have a massive exchange of citizens. Many of the famous sports include cricket, football, soccer, badminton, tennis, etc

In all these countries, is a country that stands out. You’ve got it! The home to the bullfights and the evergreen tradition and culture, Spain!


When it comes to sports Spain is on the list without question. It has housed many, many sports and tournaments since ancient times. This country has much to offer in these physical activities. So what do say we take a look?

Spain has a lot of sports played on the local level, and it has also been a champion of many of the international level matches. You could say that the Español are really competitive people. Some of such sports are:


When it comes to the sports in Spain, you’re definitely talking about football. If not, you’re missing more than a half of the entire story. Football is not just the country’s national game. The people really take pride in this game, and this game alone dominates all the other sports in Spain.

Other many sports in the country include basketball, skiing, formula one, tennis, handball, golf and of course, the world-famous, Bullfighting!


The entire spotlight in the sports section in Spain is taken by Football. The capital of Spain, Madrid has a history in the nurturing of many legendary players and teams in football.

Madrid hosted the FIFA world cup of 1982. Madrid has the honor of being one of the four cities that contain UEFA Five Star Stadia in Europe.

The most essential teams include Real Madrid and Atlético Madrid with the most number of followers.

Others include Vallecano and Getafe. These teams play in La Liga.


After football, Basketball is one of the things Spain can take pride in. The most prominent team here is the Real Madrid Basketball Section. They are winners of a large number of rewards and championships. Another professional club is the Estudiantes.


The mountains near Sierra de Guadarrama serve as a site of skiing. In Madrid, there are comfortable resorts dedicated to the sport of skiing.

Two of Madrid’s famous skiing resorts are located there. They are Valdesqui and Navacerrada respectively.


Cycling is one of the still living sports in Spain. The city of Madrid has many cycling and biking paths all over, and new are being made. This art is also a competition, and many tournaments are held for the purpose.


Bullfighting is not just a sport. In Spain, there is an annual race in which many people from all over Spain and the world enter. They run in front of many bulls. The goal is to touch them and move forward. This exciting sport has gained more supporters over the years.

In ancient Spain, it was a popular game in which a bull would be left in an arena, and a person will face it with a red-colored cloth. We still get to see that in many cartoons and movies however in Spain we can again relive watching it in person

Spain has a Bullfighting Arena named Las Ventas. It was built in 1929. It is considered one of the world center bullrings, and it can accommodate over 25,000 people. This bullring also holds concerts and similar events when it is not the bullfighting season.

This arena is in the style of a Neo Mudéjar. It is a special type of architecture found in Spain. It can be described as a Moorish Revival architecture.

Bullfights are, however, during the San Isidro festivals you can enjoy them every day! This festival begins in the middle of May and continues to the early days of June. The fun and liveliness of this country really never comes to an end.


Spain has a number of victories to brighten its name in many games. Some of the historical highlights are:

  • Their tennis team has had a stunning win of winning 5 times! The championships were of the years 2000, 2005, 2008 and 2011.
  • The 2006 World Basketball Championship was won by the Basketball Team of Spain.
  • The 2009 and 2011 EuroBasket’s trophy also got taken from the Español.
  • Fernando Alonso had a consecutive winning streak for the years 2005 and 2006 in Formula One.

There’s been a saying that Spain is currently enjoying a Golden Age of Sports and we can totally see why.


As a tourist, you have to be in one of those stadiums to actually watch a game right? What’s the fun of watching it on your TV? Well, that can be fun too; however, we all agree that the most fun comes from being there in person. As for stadiums, Spain is full of them! It has a lot of ancient and newly built stadiums and other locations for specific sports, that, of course, includes the Arenas.

The capital of Spain, the one, and only Madrid is home to many teams and sports. Let’s begin with the football stadiums:

The first most popular name you’ll come across when looking for stadiums is Santiago Bernabéu. It is the biggest stadium in Madrid. It is an elite stadium dedicated to FIFA. It can accommodate 81,044 people at a time. It serves as the home ground to the Real Madrid. It has also been a host to many of the international football matches.

The largest stadium in Spain, however, is the Camp Nou. It is located in the city of Barcelona. The leading team of Barcelona is also named Barcelona. The second largest stadium of Madrid is Wanda Metropolitano, home to the Atlético Madrid.


If you’re looking for the upcoming events of Spain, then here’s a list for you:

  1. There is a horse racing competition coming up this summer. It will be starting from 5th of July and last till the 6th of September. The race will take place at Hipódromo de La Zarzuela.
  2. Real Madrid will be participating in the International Champions Cup in which many other great teams will also unite. The team up is due on 11th of August in the Wanda Metropolitano Stadium.


So now you know all the fun stuff you could be enjoying in the lovely romance country. If you’re a sports lovers, you’re gonna love it here. The Español really have fun in all games and festivities to the fullest.

Now all that’s left is getting the paperwork done. At Madrid Bike Tours we do that for you.


Biking in Mardrid

Easy Cycling Through Madrid

Easy Cycling Through Madrid

Biking in Madrid has been considered to be a failed initiative. People have argued that Madrid isn’t safe. People defend that claim by stating that there hasn’t been much biking in Madrid before. They support this statement by questioning the nature of the average traffic. Since none are used to having bikes on the road, it would be nothing less than suicide to be biking in Madrid.

Bikes are not safe in Madrid, neither are the people on them. These are some of the things folks say around there. Madrid hasn’t been known much for having bike parks either. Lots of the touring population has reviewed the same about the amazing city. But what if you were to find out that through hard and prolonged efforts, that has changed? Madrid has been pushed towards becoming more like the eco-friendly and electric mobility providing cities around it.

Eco-Friendly Biking in Madrid:

Madrid is now becoming a city with not only bike parks but bike lanes too. They are also available for use to people with electric scooters which are becoming the new trend in traveling. Therefore when you talk about electric mobility, you get the electric scooters. But lately, people have been so fearful of the roads in Madrid. They haven’t given it a chance to take their electric scooters out. It was dangerous before when struggles for BiciMad weren’t there. But it’s all safe and at least navigable in the eyes of anyone who’s going out on bikes through the bike parks in Madrid.

Nobody can deny that bikes are much more efficient in getting you to a close workplace than a vehicle. It would be foolish to argue that bikes aren’t eco-friendly for the city. A cleaner and much more reachable Madrid available to everyone.


If you haven’t heard of the BiciMad program, you should check it out. There was a struggle by the ayuntamiento to have the city become eco-friendly in nature and safer in terms for the commuter cyclists. They wanted to get the people to be more considerate of their time and environment. And bikes were the solution to it. Local citizens, although accepted the fact that electric mobility would be much better, refused to go out on bikes and electric scooters. Mostly because they feared the city’s infrastructure and not to mention the traffic behavior were not that friendly to the cyclist community.

The struggles reaped fruit when there were biking programs and projects worked upon throughout the city. From making bike parks (aparca-bicis, interactive map) to bike lanes and promoting the use of biking in Madrid.

biking in MadridRoutes for biking in Madrid:

If you’ve been to Parque de Berlin recently, you would see that there are bike lanes on the side of the road. All the way to Puerta de Alcala. Biking in Madrid has become more efficient. Go from Goya to Auditorio National de Música in Príncipe de Vergara and to Estadio Santiago Bernabeu. To make it easier for tourists and the locality, the General Hospital is also available if you continue down the bike lanes in Madrid through the main axis of the city.

Also, for people who would wish to learn how to ride bikes and electric scooters can practice on the circuits. Some of which are available in Parque El Capricho, near Quinta de Los Molinos and Villaverde. A lot of people have had troubles riding bikes. Biking in Madrid is a new concept to be fair. The public hasn’t been much familiar or comfortable with the idea of biking through Madrid.

Most of the general population is unaware of electric scooters. But now you can test them out near Villa de Vallecas. So, don’t miss out on the opportunity to let eco-friendly electric mobility to be your means of transportation. Therefore, a contribution to the society.

Advantages of going out on bikes:

Now that the roads and streets have been made cycling friendly, you can enjoy biking through Madrid. Those who have been trying before or had a terrible experience their first time out know the situation. But throughout the last 2 years, you can see the changes happening throughout the city. Last fall, the street heading South through Malasana was being painted through the struggles of the Ayuntamiento.

The roads throughout the city are being painted to let everyone know that there’s another kind of traffic out there now. And they need to learn to adapt to it. Awareness goes a long way on the roads. These signs are literally on the roads. Therefore, you can rest assured that the traffic rules are going to change soon. Madrid is going to become an eco-friendly city.

Matadero runes past September a bike program (Slow Race) for those who are unfamiliar with the concept of bikes. Furthermore they are not only providing general awareness, but they also provide useful information of the city’s layout. And one can’t deny that the muscles could use the workout. A fresher man in a fresher city is more productive and positive. And not to mention the city’s own cultural and historical wealth hidden just beyond the roads. Accessibility is the least you’ll be getting if you go out on electric scooters or bikes.

Besides all your benefits, it is vital to consider the pollution level of a city like Madrid. Eco-friendly is a term we should have had ten years ago. Nobody can deny that the pollution increase throughout the city has caused diseases and infection rates to go up. We should go for electric mobility should we desire to remain comfortable, but let’s not let our comfort be discomfort after us.

Which type of bikes should you have?

The variations in bikes can come from size and brands to terrain friendliness. Madrid has a lot of different kinds of terrains when it comes to biking. Not that it’s a problem but having an idea of the type of terrain you’ll be treading can help improve your safety. Everyone, especially those who are beginning now, should have the type of bike that fits the terrain.

Knowing your bikes and electric scooters can be important and crucial. When it comes to bikes, knowing the gears and the size and frame of the bike can be helpful. Electric scooters can offer great electric mobility but would require a lot more to learn than bikes. But they can be pretty useful and efficient.

Final recommendations: if you have a bike, all you need to do before you get on is to make sure you have two things. These are the safety apparel and security measures. Helmets, knee and elbow pads, and shoes if you think must. But never forget helmets. Don’t wait for it to be legal and forced upon you. You shouldn’t require the law to state common sense to have one. Those are crucial even if you’re used to the idea of cycling. Because it’s not always necessary for you to be perfect and still never get in an accident. Sometimes, the circumstances can be against you, or it may be somebody else’s fault but why take the risk? Get your bikes out today and make biking in Madrid the trend.

Spring in Madrid - Madrid Bike Tours

Spring in Madrid

You’ve probably read about Madrid a lot. You may have gone there a few times some years ago. But have do you really believe that you’ve experienced Madrid? Have you been Biking in El Retiro? Have you been to the 2018 Book Fair in Madrid? Here are a few new things that you probably don’t know.

According to the latest reports provided online, Spain has thousands of projects running in almost every city. These projects are of the developmental type. Rehabilitation and public spaces improvements have a lot of projects running. Projects improving biking throughout the city for scooters and bikes. Also offering Segway tours throughout the city. Meanwhile, Cultural and Educational facilities have their research and improvement projects running.

With a lot more like environmental, infrastructure related, historical heritage related, health and social projects and energy efficiency being some to point out. This describes the progress being made even though the efforts aren’t happening in the spotlight.

Improvement projects around the city mean it is going to get some tweaks. Madrid is an important city of Spain, and some would say, the heart of it even. Therefore, many projects would be going on in Madrid too. That means this Spring is going to be more fun in Madrid than anywhere else.

It is often mentioned in a lot of places that visiting Madrid is a good idea. But what’s better? Visiting Madrid in spring. Not to avoid cold or extreme temperature, but to have you feel the aesthetically magnificent side of Madrid that blooms out during the blooming season.

Head to the parks!

El Retiro, the most beautiful park of Madrid, is now open even for bikes and scooters. Madrid also offers Segway tours to the green beauty known as El Retiro. It’s a perfect place to spend your holiday with your family, vast playing areas provide the best time for your kids, and you can walk through the aesthetically built tracks and enjoy the serenity biking in El Retiro.

The greenery and the botanical garden inside El Retiro make it one of the key attractions of Madrid. Flowers and plants of kinds and species you haven’t seen in normal parks and gardens. Biking in El Retiro makes you remember itself. So, get up on your bikes and scooters, or take a Segway to El Retiro, Real JardínBotánico de Madrid. El Capricho Park is another option, although it is a little further away and smaller.

2018 Bookfair in MadridSpring in Madrid - Madrid Bike Tours:

(from May 25 till June 10)

No matter how many times you’ve been to Madrid, taking a walk though Callas de Las Huertas during Spring time is a must. Not to mention the 2018 Book Fair in Madrid from 20th May to 10th June. Being held in the Carriage Passage (paseo de Carruajes) inside the El-Retiro Park. No matter how many reasons you have for not getting up and going to Madrid, you can’t miss out on the 2018 Book Fair in Madrid.

First held in 1933, the book fair has exponentially improved the city’s standing in the eyes of the locals as well as tourists.

The 2018 Book Fair Madrid is open to everyone! Book your tickets to Madrid and hop on a jet to Madrid. Take the bus if you have to or walk there. Because Madrid is about to become the place of your dreams. Hosting great authors from all around sitting in to have a meeting with their readers. Get a chance to do something you’ve wanted to do your whole life. Take the Segway or get biking through the El-Retiro Park. Take your family on a trip. Take your bikes and scooters out and enjoy the Spring atmosphere in Madrid. There are water parks, book fairs, art shows, fashion shows, and countless other events you would regret missing out on. So, don’t regret this later. Get up and get out.

Enjoy the Streets in spring!

May and April are two months of the year in Madrid that don’t bring out the environment. The people bloom, and so do the festivities. Madrid is not one of those cities where you spend the time in the hotel. This is a city that always leaves the tourists regretting their lack of time. In simple words, if you’re in Madrid and you take your bikes and scooters out, you’ll be anything but bored. No matter what kind of preferences of fun you have, you will have it.

Do you know the glorious feeling of walking through Plaza de Santa Ana (Saint Anne Square)? Taking photos with your loved ones at the Calle de El Leon (Street of the Lion)? And the feeling of standing in the culturally and historically rich Calle de La Pasa (Street the Raisin)? Well, now is the time that you do. Plaza del Humilladero is opening up a whole new side of it in Spring. So is Segovia Street, Toledo Street, and Alcala Street. Which are all famous tourist attraction sites. All now decorated with roads and lanes and bike parks for your bikes and scooters. Madrid is changing its understanding of the traffic by spreading awareness for its biking programs throughout the city.

Final Thoughts!

Madrid in times of Spring is nothing less than the perfect vacation spot. Whether it be with family or friends or even if you plan on taking a trip alone. Self-discovering is just one of the things you can have the atmosphere in Madrid to do perfectly.

All of it and more waits for you in Madrid including rock concerts and various other types of musical gatherings and art shows. Give the museums a try if you feel like going into the depths of the city. Or just let yourself loose and take a Segway tour. Maybe stroll through the fantastic streets and roads on your bike. Because you know that there is no other place like it in the whole world.



Alquilar bicicletas en Madrid

Madrid is a city that offers a wide range of leisure activities, as there are a lot of different activities that you can do and that will allow you to get to know some corners of the capital better. Cycling around the city is a great idea, as it brings you many benefits. For the next time you want to do a different and complete activity, it’s a good idea renting bikes in Madrid.

Renting bikes in Madrid – Madrid by bike

Cycling around Madrid is an ecological activity that will help to keep the city and the environment healthier. It also helps you to get some exercise to stay in shape and, finally, it allows you to connect better with the city and get to know some locations in a different way. One of the perfect places to go cycling in Madrid is, without a doubt, the Retiro Park.

Bicycle tour of El Retiro

The Retiro is the largest and most beautiful park in Madrid, so hundreds of people enter it every day, whether they are tourists or residents of the city. The park has 118 hectares and more than 15,000 trees. The Palacio de Cristal, the Palacio de Velázquez, the Paseo de las Estatuas, the Fuente del Ángel Caído and the Estanque Grande stand out.

Without a doubt, it is the perfect place to rent a bicycle and ride the many trails and paths that there are. Riding your bike you can get lost and explore every corner of the Retreat until you get tired. You can also hire a guided tour of the park, so that a specialized person can tell you about its history and mysteries.

There are many bike rental options in Madrid, so if you liked the idea of doing this fun and complete activity, you can get a bike to live the experience.