Disfruta este verano en la fiesta de La Paloma

Enjoy this summer Through the Festivity of La Paloma

August is a wonderful month in Madrid, city of Spain, so enjoy this summer through the Festivity of La Paloma.

For people who don’t tolerate to court stress and life pressure all year round.

It is a wonderful season marking the celebration of the Virgin of the Dove, an annual celebration which involves a lot of activities.

Enjoy this summer Through the Festivity of La Paloma. It usually takes place between 11th-15th August, following San Cayetano and San Lorenzo festivities that take place in Madrid as well.

Therefore the festivity of La Paloma lands on a fertile ground, where the celebratory mood is already enhanced and people just embrace this, especially 15th August as a climax of all the celebrations. It is a vibrant time and a festivity of tourist interest; considering the nature of activities that accompany it, the tourists find great pleasure in it.

About this festivity

It dates back in the 18th century when playing children landed on a picture of a virgin in the corral and while playing with it, Isabel Tintero, who lived in Paloma street saw them and took it away from them. She went and hung it on her entrance door and people started coming to worship it and pray for protection and cure. It became a popular phenomenon and later a chapel was constructed and the picture was moved there. This chapel was even named after the virgin and people’s faith increased in the power of this. This festivity therefore is majorly dedicated to the Virgin in recognition of all that is done in the people’s lives.

People from around Madrid and even tourists like this time of the year. They enjoy greatly and have found this as a good time to let off steam through merry making.

Activities to mark the Paloma festivity

A number of activities accompany this celebration and they enable the day to be greatly enjoyed by all.

The venue is usually Plaza de las Vistillas in the centrally located neighborhood of Madrid known as La Latina. The festive day is even declared a public holiday and although that is the major venue of celebrations, even other towns around Madrid celebrate it. This distinguishes Madrid from other places globally; love for and preservation of her traditions and popular festivities.

The celebrations involve a number of activities which are entertaining and which aim at making the day quite enjoyable. Enjoy this summer Through the Festivity of La Paloma. The following are the special day’s activities:

  • There are general preparations that make the place a beehive of activities prior to the occasion which seem to announce the impending great day. Everyone looks happy and in high spirits to welcome the day. It becomes the talk of the day, population in those places increases and really the effort of the dwellers of the place seem to be geared towards the occasion. Business community cannot hide their excitement as they brace themselves to receive an increase in their sales because all people aim at enjoying themselves, so they have a budget for that day. Visitors come prepared to part with a good amount of bucks because they come purposely for merry-making hence spend as much as can make them feel contented.
  • There is then the adorning of the streets with different color lamps to make the environment shiny and stunning to make the season more special from the rest. The outside appearance of the streets at night confirms that really there is an extraordinary event in the place and it contributes to heightening excitement among all that are ready for the celebrations; the indigenous and visitors alike.
  • There are parades all over the city commanded by firemen who carry the painted picture of the Virgin on their shoulder and match with it to the designated destination where there is normally a platform. It is then rested there where people adore and worship it and crown it with floral carnations, to show how much regard they have for her.
  • The painting is showered with praises, compliments and reveries. This is followed by a Christian mass presided over by their respective religious leaders. People faithfully feel filled with blessings and spiritual power to lead them through the storms of life which rests their minds at peace.
  • From that religious point, partying and entertainment carry the day forward in the same merry-making spirit. Everybody finds his way in watching and experiencing street parties, dances and general happiness.
  • Madrilenos dress in their traditional attires known as Chulupos and Chulupas. These also make them feel so attached to their customs as they celebrate.
  • They go ahead to dance Chotis which is their traditional dance. Culturally, people who are proud of their traditions cannot fail to dance their traditional songs and music during any traditional festivity to express their attachment to and love for their roots.
  • In addition there are fireworks shows in the evening which are part of the entertaining activities and most people enjoy sitting around and watching all these. They are quite amusing and need not be missed.
  • There is more and more fun for festivity attendants and anyone who attends keeps looking forward to the following year’s same season implying that folks delight in it greatly.
  • The festivity celebrations do not confine in one area but rather spread around the other parts of the city; the tourists therefore are free to go where they find pleasure yet others hop here and there until they finally settle where they get their best option. However, things are generally good everywhere; to the extent that choosing where to settle is at times a problem.
  • There are outdoor night clubs in the Plaza de la Paja and all sorts of drinks are availed there.
  • Music performances by orchestras and pop groups are also organized to keep visitors as well as locals maximally entertained, contributing to the enjoyment of the whole arrangement.
  • Children are not left out as well in these programs. They are involved in different competitions of entertaining activities ranging from dancing, singing and games. These are also very amusing and worth attending.
  • Different options are always in place for families to have fun. This implies that there is no reason to leave children behind fearing that there isn’t anything relevant to them. There is a lot for children as well as adults to enjoy and therefore it is not of any limitation to the tourists who want to move as a family with this venue of festivities in mind as their destination.
  • Important to note too is the availability of cuisine from all over the world. The world has become a global village and wherever one goes, it is just a home away from home. Madrid is not an exception to this assertion because like any other place, there are people from diverse global cultures. Hotels and other catering corners are able to prepare different dishes bearing in mind that Madrid is a fertile ground for tourism and therefore hotel and general catering business owners set themselves strategically to harvest much by meeting different tourists feeding requirements.
  • There is generally sweet food aroma spread in the atmosphere from tasty and savory dishes of meat, desserts and refreshing mositos.
  • Most festival attendees further delight in the open air sitting organization which keeps them refreshed as they enjoy the fun from different entertainment arrangements.

The significance of La Paloma festivity

From that point one wonders if there is any significance in this Virgin of La Paloma festivity; and the answer is a big yes. It is greatly significant in the following ways:

  • It is a sign of respect and love from the Madrilenos for their traditions, and enjoyable as the hosts and organizers of the festivity. They do all it takes to make it colorful to themselves as well as other attendees who come from outside Madrid and Spain generally. The extra effort they exhibit in decorating, lighting and beautifying the atmosphere in the streets says it all. The way they are clad in their traditional attires, their performance of traditional dances and many other traditional arrangements depict a deep sense of regard for one’s culture.
  • The La Paloma festivity further shows a strong sense of religious belief. These people strongly believe in the spiritual powers of the Virgin as regards to cure and protection. They feel they owe their well-being to her and that’s why they worship the picture, while uttering out compliments and appreciation of her goodness in their lives. By conducting a church mass among other activities and praising and worshipping, it all confirms that they are strong religious believers.
  • Unity is also depicted in this jubilation. They all selflessly participate in the prior arrangements as well as in the actual occasion to ensure its success. That shows a strong foundation on which the Madrilenos stand because united empires always stand firmly.
  • It is a celebration of life, love and family. Families always plan in advance to have good time out together. They enjoy the fun, entertainment and food together thus feeling a stronger bond amongst themselves. This applies to the hosts as well as visitors
  • Through this festivity, the community spirit is clearly defined among the Madrilenos. They just love their community and they work together towards a common goal for its good. This shows peace and harmony that exists in this part of the globe and that’s why it is an ideal summer destination for tourists because on top of relaxing and enjoying life, they are assured of a secure environment.
  • It is a moment of coming together and a good icon of brotherhood. Locals rub shoulders with tourists and visitors ungrudgingly, which makes Madrid an exceptional place for one to go for vacation or just relaxation. If foreigners delight in going there annually, then it means they find a meaningful stay there during that summer time, and they always feel at home while there.
  • This occasion shows that it is desirable to have leisure without compromising work. It is just a short leisure holiday off work yet it carries a lot of weight and meaning. Shortly after that, people settle back to their work life hence a clear manifestation of living life in a balanced manner, rather than work and work and work today and forever.
  • From these jubilations, it is confirmed that people need entertainment in their lives. Attendees of La Paloma festivity who comprise hosts and visitors are seriously absorbed in the on-going forms of entertainment both during the day and at night. Most of them do not sleep a wink even because they are enjoying whatever is going on. That is why many visitors and tourists target this time of the year because they enjoy every minute of the festivity. A lesson here therefore is that every human being should be setting aside some time to be off work and enjoy some entertainment in the course of the year. It is ideal even in the aspect of good health.
  • Finally this festivity has given people something good to look forward to every year. It is important to wait eagerly for something good so that even when one is in low spirits he/she knows that something good is coming at a certain time of the year.

In conclusion, the festivity of the Virgin of La Paloma has remained on record in Spain and outside to those who really know. This is because of the nature in which it takes place which leaves everyone happy and extremely excited. To all attendees, it remains as fresh a memory as ever and keeps them looking forward to the August of the following year when they will swim high in such great moments. It would be good to those not yet aware of it, yet seeking how to get their best of this August’s summer, to venture into enjoying it in Madrid specifically ensuring that 11th-16th August finds when they are there. It would be a way of enriching your records of memorable times you have experienced in life. Meet you there! Enjoy this summer Through the Festivity of La Paloma!

The experience cycling to work in Madrid

Cycling to work in Madrid

Are you someone who is facing problems at work? Are you getting tired of getting late? Always explaining to your boss how the car broke down. How were the traffic lights unluckily red for you? How the traffic was when you have to get somewhere fast, but bad luck hits you?
You know there’s a solution for it. You’ve seen people do it on the side of the road. All those people that are biking to work daily. Yes, biking to work is, in a city like Madrid, the very best option you can choose. You can either get in your car and be comfortable in your seat for 45 minutes. Or you can be biking to work in 10 minutes. Biking to work, biking to the market, cycling to work in Madrid might be the next smart thing to do.

Cycling to work in Madrid

Advantages of everyday cycling to work in Madrid:

Be it any normal day or a holiday, biking is the way to go for the Spaniards. Biking doesn’t only provide ease of travel through the crowd. Biking has proved to be healthy and economic as well.

Pedaling is healthy:

Cycling can prove beneficial if you focus on how it can put your body muscles to work. An average cyclist has more chances of immunity to many physiotherapeutic diseases. Always sitting up straight in the car or the bus seat, and watching the traffic can be frustrating. Also affecting your physical health in a very prolonged and permanent way.
Cycling to work can help your back and sit in an upright position. Your legs get to work through the morning. Therefore, decreasing chances of muscle pain to arise later. And who can deny that cycling to work in the early morning helps you be more active and productive the whole day?

Is it safe?

People have shown concern that the biking factor might not be so safe. Considering the traffic and the crazy driving factor, cycling scares most people. But Madrid is a city providing bicycling lanes on the side of the road for exactly that purpose. Also providing “Quiet Lanes” to help you get used to the biking process. You’re safe in the last lane since nobody is allowed to drive there but bikes. And after all, you can and should always wear the necessary safety apparel, such as helmets, gloves and proper shoes, and sometimes consider wearing reflecting clothes before getting on the bike.

Bicycles are EcoFriendly:

Are you one of those people who doesn’t care for the well-being of the city and its residents? As long as you’re comfortable and cruising around in your vehicle? Not aware of the air population that you might be contributing to? Nobody wants to go down in history as those who helped destroy the city. Cycling to work might be the obvious answer to a huge problem such as this. How many times have we woken up in the city and dreamt of a suburban morning? When you went out, you didn’t hear horn noises and trucks asking for the way? Think ahead.

Save the city from smoke and noise pollution. Help be one of those who helps protect the city rather than harm it. Facts state that if 15% of the people switched to bikes, emissions of a city with 100,000 inhabitants could be avoided. Biking would also decrease the absentee ratio of the employees in Madrid by almost 20%. Get your bikes and start saving yourself and the city.

Cycling with no Hassle:

A lot of people also show concern related to the safety of the bike. People argue that it can get stolen if not watched. Folded bikes can solve that issue for you. Folded bikes are available on the market to provide ease and comfort to its users. Owners can fold them up and take them to their office, even get in an elevator without a lot of people in it. Undoubtedly, the city parking spaces would free up a lot more too if people started using folded bikes. Don’t be one of those who get out of work and find their locks on an empty pole with their bikes gone. Smart thinking can go a long way if done right. Get yourself a folded bike and cycle to work Madrid without hassle.

Biking is economic:

Save on fuel, save on the maintenance. Save on everything that would otherwise be frustration on the side of the road. Because bikes are the transportation means of the future for a better community of smart human beings. Madrid is a city that wakes up early in the morning, but everyone floods out in the streets and roads. The traffic factor can rise while the metros can get crowded. The buses can either get late or be too crowded for you to have a comfortable journey.

You might miss the subway in the morning but would you be getting late if you had a bike? Of Course not! Getting up at the earliest hour of the morning, having everything ready is hectic. And especially if all is in vain and you end up missing the subway later. And who can forget the crowd in the streets and on a holiday? Experts have already given out the verdict that the wise thing to do would be to cycle to work every day. Imagine the money being saved and used for your other needs rather than fuel, tires, engines, and other huge maintenance costs.
Even Spain, as a whole, would get an economic injection of 500 million Euros if only 20% of the population adapted to bikes. Imagine the costs saved year round on health, maintenance, repairs and all sorts of other expenses.


Cycling to work in Madrid is innovative thinking. A few people have shared their experience of Madrid cycling to be very dangerous. Claiming that there aren’t many bike lanes for the general public to use and get familiar with it. But a lot can be done to bridge this gap. Safety precautions, when observed can minimize the risk of getting an injury. The best part about biking is that you are not limited to just one lane. Situations can arise, and you can shift to the nearest walkway and continue riding after getting down on the road again.
Having a bike can save a lot. Without putting much at risk. Why not start thinking smart and save the planet while we’re at it?

Biking in Mardrid

Easy Cycling Through Madrid

Easy Cycling Through Madrid

Biking in Madrid has been considered to be a failed initiative. People have argued that Madrid isn’t safe. People defend that claim by stating that there hasn’t been much biking in Madrid before. They support this statement by questioning the nature of the average traffic. Since none are used to having bikes on the road, it would be nothing less than suicide to be biking in Madrid.

Bikes are not safe in Madrid, neither are the people on them. These are some of the things folks say around there. Madrid hasn’t been known much for having bike parks either. Lots of the touring population has reviewed the same about the amazing city. But what if you were to find out that through hard and prolonged efforts, that has changed? Madrid has been pushed towards becoming more like the eco-friendly and electric mobility providing cities around it.

Eco-Friendly Biking in Madrid:

Madrid is now becoming a city with not only bike parks but bike lanes too. They are also available for use to people with electric scooters which are becoming the new trend in traveling. Therefore when you talk about electric mobility, you get the electric scooters. But lately, people have been so fearful of the roads in Madrid. They haven’t given it a chance to take their electric scooters out. It was dangerous before when struggles for BiciMad weren’t there. But it’s all safe and at least navigable in the eyes of anyone who’s going out on bikes through the bike parks in Madrid.

Nobody can deny that bikes are much more efficient in getting you to a close workplace than a vehicle. It would be foolish to argue that bikes aren’t eco-friendly for the city. A cleaner and much more reachable Madrid available to everyone.


If you haven’t heard of the BiciMad program, you should check it out. There was a struggle by the ayuntamiento to have the city become eco-friendly in nature and safer in terms for the commuter cyclists. They wanted to get the people to be more considerate of their time and environment. And bikes were the solution to it. Local citizens, although accepted the fact that electric mobility would be much better, refused to go out on bikes and electric scooters. Mostly because they feared the city’s infrastructure and not to mention the traffic behavior were not that friendly to the cyclist community.

The struggles reaped fruit when there were biking programs and projects worked upon throughout the city. From making bike parks (aparca-bicis, interactive map) to bike lanes and promoting the use of biking in Madrid.

biking in MadridRoutes for biking in Madrid:

If you’ve been to Parque de Berlin recently, you would see that there are bike lanes on the side of the road. All the way to Puerta de Alcala. Biking in Madrid has become more efficient. Go from Goya to Auditorio National de Música in Príncipe de Vergara and to Estadio Santiago Bernabeu. To make it easier for tourists and the locality, the General Hospital is also available if you continue down the bike lanes in Madrid through the main axis of the city.

Also, for people who would wish to learn how to ride bikes and electric scooters can practice on the circuits. Some of which are available in Parque El Capricho, near Quinta de Los Molinos and Villaverde. A lot of people have had troubles riding bikes. Biking in Madrid is a new concept to be fair. The public hasn’t been much familiar or comfortable with the idea of biking through Madrid.

Most of the general population is unaware of electric scooters. But now you can test them out near Villa de Vallecas. So, don’t miss out on the opportunity to let eco-friendly electric mobility to be your means of transportation. Therefore, a contribution to the society.

Advantages of going out on bikes:

Now that the roads and streets have been made cycling friendly, you can enjoy biking through Madrid. Those who have been trying before or had a terrible experience their first time out know the situation. But throughout the last 2 years, you can see the changes happening throughout the city. Last fall, the street heading South through Malasana was being painted through the struggles of the Ayuntamiento.

The roads throughout the city are being painted to let everyone know that there’s another kind of traffic out there now. And they need to learn to adapt to it. Awareness goes a long way on the roads. These signs are literally on the roads. Therefore, you can rest assured that the traffic rules are going to change soon. Madrid is going to become an eco-friendly city.

Matadero runes past September a bike program (Slow Race) for those who are unfamiliar with the concept of bikes. Furthermore they are not only providing general awareness, but they also provide useful information of the city’s layout. And one can’t deny that the muscles could use the workout. A fresher man in a fresher city is more productive and positive. And not to mention the city’s own cultural and historical wealth hidden just beyond the roads. Accessibility is the least you’ll be getting if you go out on electric scooters or bikes.  

Besides all your benefits, it is vital to consider the pollution level of a city like Madrid. Eco-friendly is a term we should have had ten years ago. Nobody can deny that the pollution increase throughout the city has caused diseases and infection rates to go up. We should go for electric mobility should we desire to remain comfortable, but let’s not let our comfort be discomfort after us.

Which type of bikes should you have?

The variations in bikes can come from size and brands to terrain friendliness. Madrid has a lot of different kinds of terrains when it comes to biking. Not that it’s a problem but having an idea of the type of terrain you’ll be treading can help improve your safety. Everyone, especially those who are beginning now, should have the type of bike that fits the terrain.

Knowing your bikes and electric scooters can be important and crucial. When it comes to bikes, knowing the gears and the size and frame of the bike can be helpful. Electric scooters can offer great electric mobility but would require a lot more to learn than bikes. But they can be pretty useful and efficient.

Final recommendations: if you have a bike, all you need to do before you get on is to make sure you have two things. These are the safety apparel and security measures. Helmets, knee and elbow pads, and shoes if you think must. But never forget helmets. Don’t wait for it to be legal and forced upon you. You shouldn’t require the law to state common sense to have one. Those are crucial even if you’re used to the idea of cycling. Because it’s not always necessary for you to be perfect and still never get in an accident. Sometimes, the circumstances can be against you, or it may be somebody else’s fault but why take the risk? Get your bikes out today and make biking in Madrid the trend.

Riding a bike in Madrid? What you need to know

What you need to know to ride a bike in Madrid

Sustainable mobility and bike tour in Madrid

The Spanish capital encourages ecological mobility, if you are a tourist or do not have your own bike to move around the city. There are places where you can apply to rent a bike in Madrid and easily adapt to the future Sustainable Mobility Ordinance (in Spanish).

How do the authorities in Madrid encourage two-wheel mobility?

The City Council makes an effort to promote the Sustainable Mobility Ordinance, and thus maintain order on its tracks. In this way, it favors lovers of cycling tours in Madrid and motivates ecological tourism. The provision of this regulation is in a draft, which is being discussed by the groups involved. Yes, there are organizations that group together drivers of motorcycles, bicycles, skateboards, skateboards, touring cars and pedestrians.

As a cyclist you have the power to decide to use a regular bike or to request an electric bike rental in Madrid. Due to do this, you must drive with a speed of up to 30 km/h in a single lane. 20 km/h for “single-platform” neighborhoods such as Lavapiés, which will reduce accidents among cyclists and pedestrians.

When visiting or moving around the city, either alone or in company, you may wonder what is the best way to do this. It seems like the transfer is limited only to the bus, subway or taxi. But if you really want to enjoy an unforgettable ride, take some time to contemplate the capital. And feel healthy! the best way is through bike rental in Madrid.

Are there any regulations for riding a bike in the city?

Don’t you know the rules? Don’t worry, read these recommendations that we bring for you, in order to avoid bad times and a pleasant trip.

If you are on a bike tour of Madrid follow the instructions of your guide:

  • recognise pedestrian priority areas where cyclists and motorised vehicles cannot park
  • leave a free space of three metres for pedestrian traffic
  • avoid transporting more than two occupants
  • try not to carry any merchandise or pets
  • It is also permitted to turn right when the traffic light is red and there is a signpost.

Riding a bike is easy, safe, fun, spirit-filled, shares with friends or yourself and most importantly contributes to the environment. All you have to do is stick to these simple rules and have a good time on your bike in Madrid.

bike in Madrid

Excerpt from the regulations governing the use of bike norms in Madrid

Are there other regulations concerning ecological mobility in Madrid?

The Madrid City Council, through the Sustainable Mobility Ordinance, intends to issue the use of skateboarding only as a sporting activity. Therefore they may not be used in pedestrian or cycling areas.

On the other hand, non-motorised skates and scooters may be used in pedestrian and cycle paths at a moderate or equal pace to that of pedestrians. The minimum age for skateboarding or electronic scooters is 16 years and must be driven without headphones.

A negative aspect that has caused a stir among some involved, especially skateboarders. They feel that they are renegade to a third plane, where they are forbidden to practice this activity in the streets.

Therefore we suggest tourists and visitors to get around by bicycle or go to the electric bike rentals in Madrid. To know these regulations so that they can move around more solidly, without making so much physical effort and being able to travel longer distances.

Other information you should know:

In relation to the regulation of stops and parking on public roads. Taxi drivers or VTCs (passenger cars with drivers) may not park in the bus taxi lane. The maximum time is 2 minutes. They will also not be able to wait for passengers inside the car, nor will they be able to delay the entry and exit of customers.

Taxi drivers and passenger cars will be required to meet the necessary environmental requirements by 2025. They will also be prohibited from parking any car on cobblestoned pavements and at pedestrian crossings.

Regarding the Regulated Parking Service (SER), it is believed that hospitals will be asking for considerations in parking regulation. Another group that could benefit are the residents of the areas surrounding SER. They will not pay any fees and will have unlimited time to park, as long as they apply to the Neighborhood Parking Zones.

Parking is prohibited on pavements where there is a SER parking band and in areas marked as pedestrian priority. It will be mandatory to leave 3 meters of free space for pedestrian traffic. Bicycle handrails between roadway and sidewalk may be used, if available.

Priority for the disabled.

If you want to travel to Madrid or travel around the city, and you have a disability, you can park in the reserved parking spaces on the public way.As well as in places for walking or any other leisure or commercial center. By having a parking card for disabled , you will be able to use the pedestrian and bicycle sidewalks.

There is no problem if you don’t have a vehicle to move on. The City Council is committed to granting access to public transport stops and services. Taxi drivers will also be able to provide assistance by leaving and picking up passengers in the car parks designated for them.

Do you still have any questions?

The best way to answer any more questions is to take a suitcase, follow these tips and dive into the adventure. This way you will be able to see directly all the efforts that Madrid makes for the environment. As ell as sustainable mobility, ecological tourism and the incorporation of all the people involved in leisure activities.

Don’t think it over! Madrid is waiting for you.


Spring in Madrid - Madrid Bike Tours

Spring in Madrid

You’ve probably read about Madrid a lot. You may have gone there a few times some years ago. But have do you really believe that you’ve experienced Madrid? Have you been Biking in El Retiro? Have you been to the 2018 Book Fair in Madrid? Here are a few new things that you probably don’t know.  

According to the latest reports provided online, Spain has thousands of projects running in almost every city. These projects are of the developmental type. Rehabilitation and public spaces improvements have a lot of projects running. Projects improving biking throughout the city for scooters and bikes. Also offering Segway tours throughout the city. Meanwhile, Cultural and Educational facilities have their research and improvement projects running.

With a lot more like environmental, infrastructure related, historical heritage related, health and social projects and energy efficiency being some to point out. This describes the progress being made even though the efforts aren’t happening in the spotlight.

Improvement projects around the city mean it is going to get some tweaks. Madrid is an important city of Spain, and some would say, the heart of it even. Therefore, many projects would be going on in Madrid too. That means this Spring is going to be more fun in Madrid than anywhere else.

It is often mentioned in a lot of places that visiting Madrid is a good idea. But what’s better? Visiting Madrid in spring. Not to avoid cold or extreme temperature, but to have you feel the aesthetically magnificent side of Madrid that blooms out during the blooming season.

Head to the parks!

El Retiro, the most beautiful park of Madrid, is now open even for bikes and scooters. Madrid also offers Segway tours to the green beauty known as El Retiro. It’s a perfect place to spend your holiday with your family, vast playing areas provide the best time for your kids, and you can walk through the aesthetically built tracks and enjoy the serenity biking in El Retiro.

The greenery and the botanical garden inside El Retiro make it one of the key attractions of Madrid. Flowers and plants of kinds and species you haven’t seen in normal parks and gardens. Biking in El Retiro makes you remember itself. So, get up on your bikes and scooters, or take a Segway to El Retiro, Real JardínBotánico de Madrid. El Capricho Park is another option, although it is a little further away and smaller.

2018 Bookfair in MadridSpring in Madrid - Madrid Bike Tours:

(from May 25 till June 10)

No matter how many times you’ve been to Madrid, taking a walk though Callas de Las Huertas during Spring time is a must. Not to mention the 2018 Book Fair in Madrid from 20th May to 10th June. Being held in the Carriage Passage (paseo de Carruajes) inside the El-Retiro Park. No matter how many reasons you have for not getting up and going to Madrid, you can’t miss out on the 2018 Book Fair in Madrid.

First held in 1933, the book fair has exponentially improved the city’s standing in the eyes of the locals as well as tourists.

The 2018 Book Fair Madrid is open to everyone! Book your tickets to Madrid and hop on a jet to Madrid. Take the bus if you have to or walk there. Because Madrid is about to become the place of your dreams. Hosting great authors from all around sitting in to have a meeting with their readers. Get a chance to do something you’ve wanted to do your whole life. Take the Segway or get biking through the El-Retiro Park. Take your family on a trip. Take your bikes and scooters out and enjoy the Spring atmosphere in Madrid. There are water parks, book fairs, art shows, fashion shows, and countless other events you would regret missing out on. So, don’t regret this later. Get up and get out.

Enjoy the Streets in spring!

May and April are two months of the year in Madrid that don’t bring out the environment. The people bloom, and so do the festivities. Madrid is not one of those cities where you spend the time in the hotel. This is a city that always leaves the tourists regretting their lack of time. In simple words, if you’re in Madrid and you take your bikes and scooters out, you’ll be anything but bored. No matter what kind of preferences of fun you have, you will have it.

Do you know the glorious feeling of walking through Plaza de Santa Ana (Saint Anne Square)? Taking photos with your loved ones at the Calle de El Leon (Street of the Lion)? And the feeling of standing in the culturally and historically rich Calle de La Pasa (Street the Raisin)? Well, now is the time that you do. Plaza del Humilladero is opening up a whole new side of it in Spring. So is Segovia Street, Toledo Street, and Alcala Street. Which are all famous tourist attraction sites. All now decorated with roads and lanes and bike parks for your bikes and scooters. Madrid is changing its understanding of the traffic by spreading awareness for its biking programs throughout the city.

Final Thoughts!

Madrid in times of Spring is nothing less than the perfect vacation spot. Whether it be with family or friends or even if you plan on taking a trip alone. Self-discovering is just one of the things you can have the atmosphere in Madrid to do perfectly.

All of it and more waits for you in Madrid including rock concerts and various other types of musical gatherings and art shows. Give the museums a try if you feel like going into the depths of the city. Or just let yourself loose and take a Segway tour. Maybe stroll through the fantastic streets and roads on your bike. Because you know that there is no other place like it in the whole world.