The experience cycling to work in Madrid

Cycling to work in Madrid

Are you someone who is facing problems at work? Are you getting tired of getting late? Always explaining to your boss how the car broke down. How were the traffic lights unluckily red for you? How the traffic was when you have to get somewhere fast, but bad luck hits you?
You know there’s a solution for it. You’ve seen people do it on the side of the road. All those people that are biking to work daily. Yes, biking to work is, in a city like Madrid, the very best option you can choose. You can either get in your car and be comfortable in your seat for 45 minutes. Or you can be biking to work in 10 minutes. Biking to work, biking to the market, cycling to work in Madrid might be the next smart thing to do.

Cycling to work in Madrid

Advantages of everyday cycling to work in Madrid:

Be it any normal day or a holiday, biking is the way to go for the Spaniards. Biking doesn’t only provide ease of travel through the crowd. Biking has proved to be healthy and economic as well.

Pedaling is healthy:

Cycling can prove beneficial if you focus on how it can put your body muscles to work. An average cyclist has more chances of immunity to many physiotherapeutic diseases. Always sitting up straight in the car or the bus seat, and watching the traffic can be frustrating. Also affecting your physical health in a very prolonged and permanent way.
Cycling to work can help your back and sit in an upright position. Your legs get to work through the morning. Therefore, decreasing chances of muscle pain to arise later. And who can deny that cycling to work in the early morning helps you be more active and productive the whole day?

Is it safe?

People have shown concern that the biking factor might not be so safe. Considering the traffic and the crazy driving factor, cycling scares most people. But Madrid is a city providing bicycling lanes on the side of the road for exactly that purpose. Also providing “Quiet Lanes” to help you get used to the biking process. You’re safe in the last lane since nobody is allowed to drive there but bikes. And after all, you can and should always wear the necessary safety apparel, such as helmets, gloves and proper shoes, and sometimes consider wearing reflecting clothes before getting on the bike.

Bicycles are EcoFriendly:

Are you one of those people who doesn’t care for the well-being of the city and its residents? As long as you’re comfortable and cruising around in your vehicle? Not aware of the air population that you might be contributing to? Nobody wants to go down in history as those who helped destroy the city. Cycling to work might be the obvious answer to a huge problem such as this. How many times have we woken up in the city and dreamt of a suburban morning? When you went out, you didn’t hear horn noises and trucks asking for the way? Think ahead.

Save the city from smoke and noise pollution. Help be one of those who helps protect the city rather than harm it. Facts state that if 15% of the people switched to bikes, emissions of a city with 100,000 inhabitants could be avoided. Biking would also decrease the absentee ratio of the employees in Madrid by almost 20%. Get your bikes and start saving yourself and the city.

Cycling with no Hassle:

A lot of people also show concern related to the safety of the bike. People argue that it can get stolen if not watched. Folded bikes can solve that issue for you. Folded bikes are available on the market to provide ease and comfort to its users. Owners can fold them up and take them to their office, even get in an elevator without a lot of people in it. Undoubtedly, the city parking spaces would free up a lot more too if people started using folded bikes. Don’t be one of those who get out of work and find their locks on an empty pole with their bikes gone. Smart thinking can go a long way if done right. Get yourself a folded bike and cycle to work Madrid without hassle.

Biking is economic:

Save on fuel, save on the maintenance. Save on everything that would otherwise be frustration on the side of the road. Because bikes are the transportation means of the future for a better community of smart human beings. Madrid is a city that wakes up early in the morning, but everyone floods out in the streets and roads. The traffic factor can rise while the metros can get crowded. The buses can either get late or be too crowded for you to have a comfortable journey.

You might miss the subway in the morning but would you be getting late if you had a bike? Of Course not! Getting up at the earliest hour of the morning, having everything ready is hectic. And especially if all is in vain and you end up missing the subway later. And who can forget the crowd in the streets and on a holiday? Experts have already given out the verdict that the wise thing to do would be to cycle to work every day. Imagine the money being saved and used for your other needs rather than fuel, tires, engines, and other huge maintenance costs.
Even Spain, as a whole, would get an economic injection of 500 million Euros if only 20% of the population adapted to bikes. Imagine the costs saved year round on health, maintenance, repairs and all sorts of other expenses.


Cycling to work in Madrid is innovative thinking. A few people have shared their experience of Madrid cycling to be very dangerous. Claiming that there aren’t many bike lanes for the general public to use and get familiar with it. But a lot can be done to bridge this gap. Safety precautions, when observed can minimize the risk of getting an injury. The best part about biking is that you are not limited to just one lane. Situations can arise, and you can shift to the nearest walkway and continue riding after getting down on the road again.
Having a bike can save a lot. Without putting much at risk. Why not start thinking smart and save the planet while we’re at it?

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