Amazing Tour Moments in Madrid on an Electric Bike

Electric Bikes are Madrid’s recent innovation that came to provide affordable means of transport around the city.

It involves use of electric powered bikes which have a small engine that enables the user to move on all types of landscape including hills and mountains without dismounting.

It has of late become a great contributing factor to having awesome experiences if you are touring the city of Madrid. You can choose to move around the whole of it in a matter of hours.

There are legally set up stations where the bikes are parked and if you need to use one, you go through the right procedures and secure it from the office in-charge after satisfying the requirements, go on your trip and then return it and hand it over again. The client must take full responsibility of the bike once he signs up for it. You are encouraged not to leave it out of sight especially when using it in a less frequented area and especially at night. This is for its security reasons. In other cases you have to lock it using a provided lock chain if you must leave it out of sight.

About the Electric Bike

The interesting unique, features of this bike include the 7 gears it is equipped with, 5 levels electric assistance, a rear rack in case you want carry some simple personal effects with you, an aluminum frame, lights and an autonomy of 50-60 kilometers. The client also is handed some equipment together with the bicycle that include a chain lock, a reflective vest, repair kit and a helmet. Fitted with puncture resistant tires, they are a reliable and perfect mode of transportation. It requires you to pedal and engage gears at different points as the case requires.

Why Madrid Visitors/Tourists Enjoy Using Electric Bikes

There are several reasons why this mode of transportation has become trendy in Madrid:

  • The bike enables the client to cover a wider area within the city in a short time. This is because it is not prohibited by landscape since it has gears, no traffic jam hindrances as there are separate bike lanes and it has good enough speed.
  • Madrid is a generally hilly place and therefore the bike is found ideal in such conditions since one will not feel the strain of climbing the hill when using the bike.
  • It is cheap and convenient compared to other available means. The charges are bearable and since it is a self-ride experience, nothing like annoying wishes of the driver which are usually encountered in the use of cabs and other means. You are master of yourself once you clear everything, obtain the road master and set out.
  • It makes it easy to view the neighborhood when it takes you to the tops of hills. You have to make a choice about where you want to go and what you want to see and you do exactly that.
  • It utilizes less effort yet maximum speed; therefore it won’t subject you to tiredness.
  • There are different designs for all age brackets; children, adults and the elderly. This makes it possible to enjoy a tour as a family which is ideal for a great family fun day.
  • It is safe because of its powerful default setting which does not allow you to over-speed. Once you approach 16km per hour, it switches itself off. This protects you from accidents. Many people therefore like them for that reason too.
  • It is an ideal means to manage your target time as there are no cases of traffic jam holding you up and wasting your time. With the use of bike lanes, it helps you to tour within the time frame you set.
  • There are many parking stations therefore you don’t have to queue as you go through the formalities of securing one.
  • It enables you to visit every corner of the city even if it’s a secret one.
  • These and many more ideas make the electric bikes a better option than other transportation modes for people who want to have a fun filled tour to any spot they wish within Madrid city. You are assured of a fulfilling tour experience on an electric bicycle whether doing it alone or as group of friends or family members. Life is short and needs exciting moments once in a while, and electric bike touring in Madrid is one of the ways to enrich your memorable records.

Exciting Spots you expect the E-bike to carry you to

As you part with your bucks to secure the transportation services of the electric bike, you are definitely going to some destinations within the city. These are points of amusement where you want to make yourself merry through the planned trip and go back home with a refreshed mind. The following are ideal places you can use as your destinations for different reasons:

  • The Royal Palace

This is an exciting place to tour in Madrid and is actually one of the top tourist attractions available. It is a monumental building, a ground for state ceremonies and is usually open to the public for sightseeing in different ways. Just mount your electric bike and head to that place sure to feed your eyes. Visitors can freely tour around and be excited by what is in sight in the different sections in the interior. It has awesome iron fencing and behind it is a lovely courtyard. You can enjoy a guided tour of the exquisite rooms, the royal armory, the throne room, banqueting rooms, wonderful art exhibitions and many other impressive spots to view. It is a place not to miss out on your mind refreshing visits in Madrid.

  • Plaza Mayor

This square hosts many great events; it is a ground for exclusive markets including Christmas markets, a scene for bullfighting shows, many shops and cafes. It also hosts one of the annual renowned celebrations for San Isidro who is the patron saint of Madrid. Many Madrid tourists and locals alike enjoy visiting this square. On top of the lovely sights there, people enjoy the evening with a calamari sandwich which they find tasty and it is usually enjoyed with a cold beer.

  • Puerta del Sol

This is yet another famous place to tour; there are a number of attractions there. Among them is a bronze and stone statue of a bear eating from a strawberry tree which at the same time features on Madrid’s coat of arms and it is a wonderful sight. Attractively crafted, everyone makes a stop-over to admire the skillful art of the sculpture. It is also a spot for the New Year’s Eve celebrations. December 31st witnesses it filled with all folks to the brim waiting to exercise their beliefs and superstitions that usher them into the New Year with hope and many expectations. There are many others features that make this mighty square a place to pedal the rented E-bike to.

  • Puerta de Alcala(Alcala Gate)

This is a significant tourist attraction in Madrid. It is a famous monument; in fact a National Monument. The great gate was meticulously made and bears statues on top expressing four valuable virtues of: Prudence, Justice, Temperance and Fortitude. These serve to constantly remind people of their moral obligations. Its artistic design is a wonder to all visitors.

  • Gran Via

In and around Gran Via Street you expect to see many attractive sights. It features the great monument of Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra and two beautiful ancient sky-scrappers; the Madrid Tower and the Espana Building. There are other features ideal for tourists such as Cerralbo Museum in which you admire the ancient weaponry, the Iberian pottery and many other souvenirs that reflect how the ancient wealthy life of Spaniard aristocrats was like.

  • The Temple of Debod

This is an ancient beauty that history lovers must not miss out to see. It features the skillful art of architecture and is very amusing to look at. Since there is an opportunity of free entrance, visitors are many but some order must be exercised by allowing only 30 visitors for 30 minutes. Bikes are one of the means of transportation to get there. The temple has a number of impressive features to look at such as the lovely hall, a great chapel and the museum with attractive photographs that define the history of the monument. The amazing collection of pictograms and hieroglyphics artistically designed on the walls make the chapel a wonder to the visitor’s eyes. The general structure’s looks and its reflection in the nearby pool at night create a great experience on your tour.

  • Madrid Cathedral (Almudena Cathedral)

A might catholic cathedral constructed and dedicated to the virgin, Santa Maria de la Almudena, as one of Madrid’s patron saints is a spectacular sight to see when touring Madrid. It has an attractive interior designed in the Neo-Gothic style and has wonderful statues and well-designed chapels all speak out great works of attractive art work. The Neo-Romanesque Crypt section is the oldest part of the great cathedral with an adorable image of Almudena virgin. It also has a museum that displays what describes the history of the church. It is a great spot generally for tourists.

  • Plaza de la Villa

This is one of the posh historical monuments in Madrid. It is an ancient one but has sustained its value due to good maintenance. It has a wonderful sight of a hall designed in Habsburg style baroque with Herrerian slate-title spires. While around this square, you can also delightfully admire the Gothic Casa de los Lujanes with its awesome brickwork tower.

  • Prado Museum

This is a real world class museum that houses a big number of attics for tourists’ eyes to sufficiently feast on. It has a variety of collections of from a cross-section of world cultures. There are also Neo-classical sculptures of Italian origin. It is very big with many rooms; the many impressive collections are meticulously and attractively spread on the floors of the multi-roomed structure. To appreciate also is the museum’s gift shop and the café. Near the museum also lies another great sight, the Church of San Jeronimo el Real, an irresistible tour spot because of the ancient Spanish religious paintings that any visitor would delightfully wish to see.

  • Real Madrid Stadium

Madrid has many hotspots for tourists; it is so rich in attractions that it goes even beyond art. Her stadium is a great must-see especially for soccer lovers. This is a stadium of the home team and is lavishly decorated with trophies, team artifacts as well as interactive screens in the museum.

The mighty soccer ground is itself an expansive field with a lovely panoramic view at the top of the pitch and there are photo montages for those who may wish to take snaps with their favorite players. The tour session allows access to the Presidential Box as well as the locker room. All these make the trip a memorable experience.

In conclusion, if you set out to throw a feast to your eyes and mind in Madrid, it is important to ensure that you don’t miss visiting any of the above tourist hotspots. They are many and a bit scattered but with an electric bike as your mode of transportation, it is possible to tour all of them in a day to your mind’s delight. All you need is to plan properly and be sure of the time you want to utilize and just mount the iron monster.

You will get the best out your trip with the help of the bike because you become the master of everything including time and your transport means. Therefore plan to utilize maximally your day in touring the great Madrid city by using the recent form of invention in the transport sector.It enables you to spend less and yet access many tourist spots.

If you have designed the program to be a one-day experience, you go back very content, refreshed and joyful in your mind, which is the ultimate goal of tourists.

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